Weaving In to Let Go!

There are many proponents of the approach of “letting go”.  Similarities exist with the Buddha’s injunction to detach from things.  What I do not like about this approach is that people say things like “let it go” when someone is in severe pain about a life event.  Letting go – what the hell is that?  No one can just “let it go”.  Often it is children who are enjoined to “let it go”. Letting go for a child may involve pushing the pain and hurt down deep inside and trying to carry on as if nothing has happened.  This type of “letting go” requires energy and strength that should be going into growing up. 

After  thinking sabout the idea of letting go over the last year, I have come to realise that one has to interweave all the experiences in one’s life to make the TAPESTRY of our own life.  On a visit to the very beautiful Blenheim Palace in 2011,  I was reminded about “letting go” and my belief that the idea of letting go of anything is a nigh impossibility.  (http://www.blenheimpalace.com/education.html). In discussion with my wonderful friend of some 20 odd years and thinking this over the next few hours, I came to the conclusion that the tapestries at Blenheim palace more accurately reflect my view that letting go of past problems, pains or hurts is not appropriate.  Letting go is only achieved when life experiences are integrated and woven into the tapestry of our life.

That tapestry is unique to us and contains all the joys, sorrows, angers, disappointments and achievements. It is a woven in silk with back breaking pain and sore blood stained fingers but it is the thing that makes us who we are.  If these memories and hard times are woven into the fabric of our being, brightly hued and coloured with everything that we have achieved then we have designed our own Victory tapestry.  If we just “let go” then we become cold and impersonal with empty eyes and a loss of passion and desire.  So for me, everything needs to be worked and molded to fit who I want to be in the prime of my life.


~ by Dee Muller on July 25, 2012.

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