Stress: not the same for everyone.

What is stress?  A common phrase, heard frequently, is “I am sooooo stressed!”  However, we know that most people are able to deal with stress.  Bruce McEwen, stress researcher from New York city, has detailed the stress response in his numerous papers and articles.  Stress is a normal phenomenon and responding to a stressor in our daily life is a normal and frequent process. Importantly, the response to stress is a biological process and requires that our bodies adapt to the stressor by secreting the hormone cortisol.  However, in some people, who have experienced extensive amounts of stress, especially in their early years, their response to a stressful situation is affected.  Two possible problems could occur:  (1) in some individuals, there may be a hyper response with the body secreting too much of the hormone cortisol over a prolonged period of time. (2) in some individuals there is a critical failure to respond to the stressful situation.  Both of these situations are a cause for concern and require different therapies.  The problem is that popular media and therapies do not differentiate which type of response you have had resulting in therapies that might further affect your ability to respond to stress in the future.


~ by Dee Muller on September 29, 2014.

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