Dr Denise Muller

deem2012I am a clinical psychologist and a stress physiologist in private practice.  I am passionate about helping people to explore their life story and assisting their awakening themselves up to life again. Additionally, my PhD on “The impact of early life stress on the endocrine and immune systems.” in Physiology at the University of the Witwatersrand has informed my knowledge regarding the impact of early life stress on our biological systems.

My work and ideas are an amalgamation of years of study and practice as a clinical psychologist and stress physiologist. It is important to understand and integrate negative emotions that one may have been encountered when a major stressful event was first experienced.  Suppression of negative emotions (the advice usually given doctors, parents, teachers and positive thinking counselors to “just put it behind you and move on”) will have a long term impact on your passionate life. Exploring your story will allow you to develop wisdom to be able to life a life of grace, integrity and determination when faced with the normal upheavals.

I also work full-time as an educator, lecturer and mentor to 2nd year physiology students in medicine and the allied medical disciplines. I am passionate about teaching and ensuring that the 2nd year B.Sc Nurses (traditionally the most disadvantaged students with the lowest entrance requirements) are empowered to pass this very difficult topic (they write the same tests and exams as the medical students). In the last 5 years, under my tutelage, the pass rate for B.Sc Nurses in the 2nd year physiology course has improved from a dismal 5% to above 80%.



2 Responses to “Dr Denise Muller”

  1. Dee – I had no idea that this is what you do these days. Awesome, good for you!!

  2. I was a friend of Angus Grimbeck and I just discovered your blog about his death. Please contact me. Thank you. Peter Winskill

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