Chapter 1 – Shattering Crystal.

“Three things tell a man: his eyes, his friends and his favorite quotes.” Quotes Daddy. 

The real realisation that I was on a journey of self discovery came with the death of my friend Angus. The start of my story appears to be dark, but I truly believe that the real journey of your life starts in a “broken open” moment.  We hate it and we try our level best to present a “together” front to the world but finally if we let ourselves be opened up we will realise that there is “more room in a broken heart”.  I am reminded of the story of a church that was bombed during WWII, after the war, the residents of the town got together, collected all the beautiful glass and reconstructed the window.  I believe that if you take the shattered pieces of your life and redesign them, the reconstruction starts to look like that beautiful stained glass window. This is the start of my story

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