Plus Sized.

The PETA campaign against obesity has sparked a raging debate about whether it is normal to be overweight or obese. Michelle May an MD from the LinkedIn Health and Wellness Practioners Networking group recently posted this comment: “Glamour model bares a REAL woman’s body – it’s about time! What other hopeful signs have you seen? She notes that she was really inspired by the attention the photo of a “plus-sized model” in Glamour received.

It seemed like a great opportunity to point out some of the other recent (and not so recent) “normal is in” In response, I believe that it is not normal to be overweight. In fact, I find it shocking that we are so pressured by vociferous obese individuals that we play down the fact that being overweight or obese is a risk factor for morbidity and mortality. People who are overweight are shortening their life span. We should not be promoting death for the sake of peace and quiet. The weight is a symptom of disease. We know that the endocrine and immune systems of obese individuals are dysregulated. We also know that hyperphagia in animals is only created when the animals are stressed. So why, in response to humans, do we persist in trying to say that it is acceptable and even inspiring that lives are shortened.

We are inspired that this plus sized model will die from a preventable disease. Is this really acceptable!!!! However, I do believe that it is stress, associated inactivity and the fast food revolution that has created this problem and not, per se, the individual themselves. But, the fact remains that obesity will kill most people long before their time. We should not be promoting it in any way. It is not normal to be overweight. The obese individual feels, somewhere, deep inside that they are not well. Not because society dictates but because we as human beings are able to express our biology in words. The biology of obesity is one of despair and depression and this negativity spills out in conversation regardless of the topic.


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