PTSD – Introduction

I have recently been reminded of the extreme effects that a major trauma has on our bodies. A friend of mine who has, in the last 19 months, lost a significant aspect of the life that he had built up was, as a final insult, shot and left for dead. He was extremely “lucky” because he managed to survive without any permanent damage to his spine. However, none of the doctors that attended to him in the small town, knew anything about any of the latest research linking the upregulation of the immune system in response to a surgical trauma to an increased risk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. For my friend, who started out with a depression due to his earlier losses this lack of attention to the lastest research has very nearly cost him his life.

So what is this research. I will be detailing some of the latest research which shows that Post Traumatic Stress is closely associated with dys-regulation in the Immune system and the HPA axis.


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