Real passion. passion inspired by an explored and acknowledged life provides us with wisdom. The wisdom to recognise positive and negative emotion, to acknowledge the need for balance and harmony between emotion. What makes someone wise and beautiful?   My pages on Wisdom  explore the journey that we need to take to integrate and become wise and gracious. Wow, that sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

But, what I have realised is that becoming wise is no easy task.  Having written the opening paragraph and then not having anything to say was an eye opener and then I didn’t expect that gaining wisdom was going to involve a few (perhaps a lot more) stabbings into me to expose the essence of who I am.   It hurt, I have to tell you.   I now know that wisdom is not achieved by listening to other peoples stories, by helping them or by being a voyeur.  Wisdom is achieved by our own active involvement in evaluating who we are at all times, especially when our perceptions of ourselves are challenged.  In light of this, my first post is about evaluating whether we are wearing masks or not in our dealings with others.

The accusation of my falseness, an incident that happened a few days ago, left me reeling  but has also really kickstarted to process of developing my own wisdom.  Will everyone agree with me?  No, but thats the great thing about wisdom, its a growth process, all disagreements lead to a greater understanding of who you are.


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