Traversing the Chasm

The journey to a passionate and fulfilled life requires that you make a decision to no longer be a bystander on the shoreline or to go back to your safe, warm (make no mistake this water can be cold) secure tribe (read that as “stick your head back in the sand”) when you are faced with all the difficulties that the journey across the chasm brings (Martha Beck’s – Ring of Fire ).  The chasm, I believe, affects all 4 key aspects of your life viz. career, relationships, wealth and health.  The trials and tribulations of being thrown into the chasm require all your survivor skills (Carol S Pearson) and it is the most significant start of your journey. 

Those who are less courageous will just return to tribe mode, to the void inside, to the chaos and despair that they felt there, accepting their lot in life and giving up any dreams they may have had for a passionate and joyous life.  For those of you that have decided on stepping out into the ocean of your life of fulfilment and discovery, you are invited to follow me on my blog Dee’s Psychology Pages  to start the real journey – discovering your passion and purpose. 

 I would like to acknowledge Martha Beck’s concept of the ring of fire in “Steering by Starlight” because it helped me integrate and consolidate my ideas around the journey and the potential that traversing the chasm has to finding our place in the world. In addition, Carol S Pearsons “Hero Within” provides a really good understanding of the journey.  If you would like to order these books, follow my link from Dee’s Psychology Pages. The link to the photographer (Hannelie de Klerk) of the beautiful picture in my header is available in my Xtra links.


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